StormChart (Call)

As promised here a preview on our third an most valuable statistics.
(Fold vs Call… Call vs Raise will come in the next post)

It shows if a player is tight or loose or if he is holding strictly to a strategy (forseeable actions) or tries to disguise his hands…

The graphics are not yet very nice as we just finished the back end programming, but they serve the purpose.

Call StormCharts

To test these Charts, each AI had to play over 500.000 games (12 player table like on July 3rd). Slight adjustments were done to them so the overall ranking from now on is different than the previous ones. The many games from this simulation show clearly that the AI belong to different groups of strength levels:
Hephaistos (775k), Vulcanos (762k), Fortuna (751k), Hades (743k), Pluto (737k), Tyche (719k) — Flora (518k), Saturn (507k), Kronos (488k), Janus (485k), Ares (400k), Mars (332k), Nemesis (316k), Victoria (317k), Merkur (314k), Bellona (313k), Hermes (310k), Hera (274k), Nike (273k), Juno (237k), Luna (229k), Selene (192k), Zeus (119k), Uranus (90k), Athene (66k), Jupiter (57k), Minerva (56k), Apollo (38k), Aurora (-25k), Somnus (-33k), Eos (-40k), Morpheus (-53k) — Always Fold Test AI (-123k) — Faunus (-254k), Pan (-298k), Aphrodite (-306k), Venus (-307k), Neptun (-414k), Poseidon (-428k), Furiae (-571k), Erinyen (-628k), Helios (-646k), Sol (-682k) — Eros (-915k), Cupido (-928k) — Dionysos (-1650k), Bacchus (-1720k)

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