Probability to get a Hand

In case you wonder why some hands are more valuable than others:
The higher the probability to get a hand, the lower its value.

The probability to get a Royal Flush, a Straight Flush or a Four-of-a-Kind is less than one percent each (even after the river), thus they are the most valuable hands.
The probability to get a pair is already close to 50% on the flop, thus not very valuable.

The following document shows the probability to get each hand in flop, turn and river. For those curious enough, I added the mathematical formulas how to calculate these values.

Hand Probabilities

P.D: This document is still in German as I don’t see much value in translating the description of each mathematical formula. It is important to be published along with the data for traceability, but other than that it is irrelevant for any upcoming analysis.

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