Welcome, Rex

The poker trainer app just got a mascot: Rex, the octopus.

Why an octopus?
After large sessions of brainstorming (with truckloads of good whisky), cephalopodes seemed to be unarguably the best choice for a poker bot.
– highly intelligent
– multiple long arms (perfect for dealing)
– unequaled in the domain of disguising and bluffing
– can be very aggressive
– in some cases will leave you dead on the floor (and certain death for fishes)

Why “Rex”?
As our head engineer is constantly travelling (10 month a year, up to 3 continents per month), a mascot of pocket size had to be found.
Unfortunately the final choice was a cute fellow with short arms, instantly reminding everyone of the “T-Rex” (a nickname for those coming late to poker sessions as they have to sit on the far outer rims of the table).



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